Probate is a legal process to prove the final Will as the last testament of the deceased. The probate process involves naming a person as the executor to secure and manage all assets of the estate. The executor is responsible for paying all debts and distributing the property according to the Will.

For the probate process to run smoothly, it is important to have an up to date Will. After you are gone, your Last Will and Testament is the last document that precisely describes how your estate will be distributed according to your own wishes. If you pass away without a Will, the probate process can be very complicated.

For example, when the musician Prince passed away without a Will, the Minnesota court took charge of selecting an administrator for his large estate of over $300 million. Without a Will, Prince’s estate will most likely be divided among his siblings and closest relatives. However, the probate process could end up becoming complicated and expensive if other family members, business partners, or past acquaintances come forward and try to receive a portion of the estate.

Whether your estate is $300 or $300 million, a Will is necessary to ensure that your estate is distributed as you wish to your family members, friends, or business partners. If you pass without a Will, the probate process can be delayed while the Court selects an administrator for your estate and your assets are distributed. Rather than making your family members go through a potentially complicated and expensive probate process, contact the probate lawyers at the Clark Law Office in Lexington, Kentucky. Our team has many years of experience drafting personal Wills and handling the probate process. Whether you are young or old, the last thing your family needs after you pass away is to fight for their share of your estate. Set up an appointment today with the Kentucky probate lawyers at the Clark Law Office!