parenting coordination overview in Lexington, KY for issues like holidays and disciplineParenting coordination is a great way to solve issues and problems between separated parents outside of the court room. Most issues that arise between parents after they separate are not legal issues. Instead, they are parenting issues including but not limited to the following:

1. transportation and transfers of children between parents;
2. alterations in the parenting schedule, so long as the basic timesharing arrangement is not changed;
3. vacations and holidays: schedules and implementation;
4. daily routines;
5. extracurricular and school activities and recreation;
6. discipline;
7. child care/day care/babysitting issues

The court system is often not the best person to resolve these disputes. Instead, the parents, who know their children better than anyone should. Judges do not want to see parties in Court every week, using the Court as a crutch to solve their problems for them. A parenting coordinator is a good alternative for many families.

A parenting coordinator is a professional, sometimes a therapist, sometimes a lawyer, who is well versed in how the family courts work. They are familiar with how the judges might rule. They also are trained to help couples navigate speed bumps as they co-parent their children. Parents who are trying to avoid court meet with the parenting coordinator they select. The goal is to avoid bringing the Court into the mix (unless absolutely necessary).

In many cases, what lies beneath the inability to resolve the differences that arise is poor communication skills. A parenting coordinator can help the parents work to improve those skills, so the parents reduce their need for outside help to resolve their own problems.

Clark Law Office offers parenting coordination services to parents who want to co-parent their children, but need some help communicating effectively. We are conveniently located in Lexington, KY and proudly serve Central and Eastern Kentucky.