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What is Product Liability?

Product liability lawsuits address defective or dangerous products. The defect or danger may be caused by the design, development, construction, manufacturing, processing, assembling, testing, warning, advertising, marketing, packaging or labeling of the product.   In product liability claims, the manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, or retailers are held responsible for injuries caused by the products they design, create or sell.

What are the types of product liability claims?

In general, there are four main types of product liability claims:

  • Negligence claims – Negligence claims arise when a manufacturer or designer fails to exercise ordinary care regarding the product. The claims include manufacturing defects, design defects, the failure to warn of known side effects, and exaggerated marketing claims about the products.
  • Strict liability claims – Strict liability claims focus on the defective nature of the product instead of the actions by the manufacturer. In these cases, if the product is defective, the manufacture is responsible regardless of whether the manufacture was negligent when making the product.
  • Breach of warranty claims – Breach of warranty claims include the breach of an express warranty, the breach of an implied warranty of merchantability, or the breach of an implied warranty of fitness.
  • Consumer protection claims – Consumer protection claims – Consumer protection claims are used to provide remedies for defective products.

How can the Clark Law Office help me?

When manufacturers and suppliers produce defective products that cause injury or death, we hold them accountable. At the Clark Law Office, we have extensive experience litigating product liability negligence claims, strict liability claims, breach of warranty claims, and consumer protection claims. We hire product experts to explain product flaws to juries. We hire medical experts to explain your injuries to the jury. We limit our caseloads so that every case receives careful attention. You will receive our personal attention, and you will benefit from our experience before Kentucky juries and Kentucky courts. Do not wait another day to contact us about your Kentucky product liability case!

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