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Edwin H. Clark - Attorney

Edwin H. Clark – Attorney

Edwin H. Clark


I practice personal injury and workers’ compensation law. In the past several years, I have successfully represented three grieving families in pedestrian wrongful death cases. I have also represented plaintiffs in several major product liability cases, brain injury cases and many workers’ compensation cases. In addition, I litigate business and contract disputes.

Thomas Bennett Clark - Attorney

Thomas Bennett Clark – Attorney

Thomas B. Clark


I have practiced law in Lexington, Kentucky for more than 45 years. I began practicing with Stoll, Keenon & Park in 1965 and retired from that firm in 2002. During my years at Stoll, Keenon & Park, my primary areas of practice were workers compensation and labor law. Soon after my retirement, I returned to the practice of law, but in the setting of a much smaller firm, Clark, Cornett and Smith, founded by my son Edwin in 2003.

John Palmer Cornett - Attorney

John Palmer Cornett – Attorney

John P. Cornett


I focus my practice on Estate Planning and Probate Law. I have helped hundreds of families efficiently transfer assets from one generation to the next. Assisting clients as they develop their estate planning goals and helping families avoid costly disputes is the hallmark of my practice. I also have extensive experience drafting special needs trusts, tax efficient trusts, and prudent Medicaid plans.

Bryanna Barker - Attorney

Bryanna Barker

Bryanna Barker


I focus my practice on family law, including divorces, marital and non-marital property, legal and physical custody, timesharing (visitation), child support, termination of parental rights, adoptions, and prenuptial agreements. As someone who experienced the family court system as a child, I was able to see the impact that family law attorneys can have on families and their futures. I decided at an early age that I wanted to be a family law attorney who would be a source of positivity for others in their moments of change and crisis.

Zachary R. Smith - Attorney

Zachary R. Smith

Zachary R. Smith


I assist clients needing assistance in business, property, real estate, and contract matters. I grew up in rural Kentucky and watched my neighbors develop the town around me. This sparked my interest in helping others reach their business development goals, which I do as both a lawyer and as an advisor. I welcome your inquiry regarding commercial matters of all types, including business contracts, business formation and organization, real estate disputes, commercial landlord-tenant law, litigation, and dispute resolution.