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We help clients file for and obtain Social Security Disability Income Benefits and Supplemental Security Income benefits (SSDI and SSI). We have extensive experience navigating the complex Social Security Administration. While many people apply for Social Security benefits on their own, the success rate is low for initial applicants. A skilled attorney can help you avoid common errors and increase your chances of success. In the event of an appeal, the Clark, Cornett and Smith will zealously prepare your case and advocate your interests before the Administrative Law Judge. We welcome your call.

We have many years of experience and can help make sure you get the Social Security benefits you deserve. Many times, claims will get denied during the first round, but you do have an appeal option. Our attorneys can help you resubmit your application and appeal the original denial to ensure you’re covered. Whether you were denied because you don’t have a single severe medical condition, any psychological limitations, you can still do your old job, or you have skills that would allow you to do another job, we can work with you to come to the best solution and figure out how to get you approved.

We help clients everyday to overcome life's most difficult experiences.

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