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The Clark Law Office attorneys have extensive experience handling both the probate and litigation aspects of wrongful death cases.  In one case, we helped secure millions of dollars in benefits for the surviving family.  In another, at the family’s request we secured the full benefits available under the applicable insurance policy.  We provide personal, prompt and professional service.

Under Section 411.130 of the Kentucky Revised Statutes, a wrongful death is when the “death of a person results from an injury inflicted by negligence or wrongful act of another.”  The wrongful act may be intentional or unintentional.  A wrongful death lawsuit can be filed against the person, business or government causing the fatal injuries.

A personal representative of the person who died can file a lawsuit against the responsible party.  The personal representative is responsible for prosecuting the wrongful death suit and administering the deceased’s estate and will.   Therefore, it is wise to hire a wrongful death attorney who has experience in probate law as well as litigation and courtroom experience.

Due to a short statute of limitations, it is important to act quickly.  Please call us if you need to speak to a wrongful death attorney in Kentucky.  Our office in Lexington, KY is centrally located, and we welcome the opportunity to speak with you.

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