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Adopting a child is an incredibly rewarding experience. At the same time, the legal steps to complete an adoption can be tricky and quite complicated. Our office is experienced in guiding adoptive parents through this challenging but very satisfying process.

Who can adopt?

In Kentucky a single person alone can seek to adopt a child not related to him or her. Married couples can seek to adopt a child not related to either person, as well, which should include same sex married couples. Stepparents can adopt their spouse’s child under the right circumstances. At this time, unmarried couples are not able to participate in a joint adoption of a child to which neither is related.

Types of adoptions

“Traditional.” The most obvious type of adoption is when a child from Kentucky or another state, to whom the adoptive parent or parents is not related, is adopted.

Adoption of a child from another country. In some circumstances, the adoption will actually take place in Kentucky. In other circumstances, the adoption will take place in the foreign country but additional steps will be taken in Kentucky.

Stepparent adoption. A stepparent can, under certain circumstances, legally adopt a stepchild if married to that child’s parent. Until that happens, a stepparent is not the legal parent of a child and the child is not the legal child of the stepparent. In families where a stepparent has been acting as the parent, there could be undesired results if something happens to the stepparent’s spouse if an adoption has not taken place. Many of the steps in a stepparent adoption are like other adoptions, but there are major differences. For example, if the other parent is still alive, then before the adoption can take place, the other parent’s right have to be terminated, either voluntarily or involuntarily. If a stepparent wishes to adopt a child, our experienced attorneys can explain and guide the stepparent through the process.

Adult adoption. In Kentucky, an adult can be adopted by another adult.

Lawyer involvement

AWe become involved in the process in a number of ways.

Cabinet for Families and Children. When children are in foster care, the adoption typically is with the involvement of the Cabinet. Before the adoption can take place, usually the rights of the biological parents must be terminated. We are routinely involved in both parts of the process.

Agency adoption. We have worked with many different agencies to complete adoptions.

Direct contact from adoptive parent. This avenue is especially common when we assist with step-parent adoptions.

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