Appealing a Denial of Benefits by the Kentucky Public Pensions Authority
Members of the Kentucky Public Pensions plan who receive disability benefits from the Kentucky Public Pensions Authority (KPPA) can have their disability benefits discontinued. The KPPA contracts with a Managed Medical Review Organization (MMRO) for the administration of disability retirement claims. The MMRO sometimes contacts members to determine if they still meet the requirements for receiving benefits.

Frequently, the MMRO will recommend a discontinuation of disability benefits. This is often triggered following a review of the file of a disabled member by a medical examiner, who concludes that the member no longer qualifies for disability.

If the Kentucky Public Pensions Authority recommends a termination of your benefits, your attorney can appeal that decision. The appeal can lead to an administrative hearing in which the laws of the Kentucky Revised Statutes, Chapter 13B, apply. Your attorney can help you navigate the appeal and advocate for continued benefits while your appeal is pending. At Clark, Cornett and Smith, we have extensive experience helping clients who have had their benefits denied by the Kentucky Public Pensions Authority.

If you have been notified that your disability benefits are to be discontinued by the Kentucky Public Pensions Authority, please call us immediately at (859) 219-1280, and let us defend your rights.