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  • In general, under Kentucky law, child support is based on the gross incomes of both parents and the guidelines contained on the child support chart. KRS 403.212 Maintenance. If one of the parties is receiving maintenance, that can also affect the amount of child support paid. Prior born children. Support paid for prior born children […]

  • One of the main concerns parents have when divorcing or breaking up (if an unmarried couple) is what will happen to their children. Parents will want to discuss their options with an experienced family law attorney. The following are basic terms to be aware of. Child Custody. Child custody is about decision-making. We are talking […]

  • There are two main reasons someone might consider a prenuptial agreement (prenup), in the case of death and in the case of divorce. Some people believe they need or want one, but, after careful consideration, decide they do not. Others discover they really should have one. An attorney can explain all of the important points […]

  • Parental alienation can happen at any time in the process when parents divorce or separate. While there is some debate about whether alienation is a “syndrome” or a psychological disorder or a group of behaviors, there is no question that in some high conflict cases, a parent can become alienated from his or her children […]

  • Under Kentucky law, spouses who are not living together as “husband and wife” are considered to be “separated”. Spouses must be separated for a period of at least 60 days before parties can be divorced from each other. Husband and wife can continue living in the same home and still be considered to be separated […]

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