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Family relationships can be complex. People often have questions about their legal rights when relationships become complicated. What happens, for example, when parents keep the grandchildren away from the grandparents? Are the parents allowed to do so? Do the grandparents have any rights?

Can grandparents see grandchildren if the parent (their own child) has died. If so, how?

What happens if a parent’s parental rights are about to be terminated? How does that affect a grandparent’s ability to see a grandchild? When faced with any of the above questions, you should discuss your rights with an attorney. At Clark Law Office, we have the knowledge, skill and experience to tackle the conflict in your case. We will examine the facts of your particular situation, provide our recommendations about your best options and help you resolve your case. If the differences cannot be resolved outside of Court, a judge might have to decide the case. Our attorneys have extensive courtroom experience and will skillfully advocate on your behalf.

We help clients everyday to overcome life's most difficult experiences.

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