We help children with personal injuries recover compensation for their injuries, and we also help protect the funds that they recover. We do this by creating a Conservatorship for the injured minor that is overseen by the Court. Specifically, we ask the Court to appoint someone, usually a parent, to serve as the Conservator for the injured child. The Conservator manages the funds recovered in the personal injury action until the child reaches the age of majority.

We help with child personal injury conservatorships near Lexington, Kentucky (KY), and protect funds recovered that is overseen by the court.

Courts frequently require pre-approval of expenditures from the account managed by the Conservator. Payments for the support, care, and education of the child are usually approved. Petitioning for the appointment of a Conservator, attending the hearing, filing the inventory of the funds in the account under the conservancy, and filing motions for the approval of expenditures from the account are tasks that we perform when we have children with personal injuries as clients.

If your child has suffered a personal injury, and you want attorneys who can handle both the personal injury claim and the Conservatorship, please give us a call.

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