Child Support Changes Coming in Kentucky to Statutes by way of House Bill 404

For the first time in many, many years, the Kentucky legislature is making significant modifications to the child support statutes by way of House Bill 404. A lot of the adjustments to the Kentucky statutes have been needed for a very long time, as inflation and cost of living increased, without a corresponding transformation in the rules.

The changes include an update to the child support guidelines table (which has not been edited in many years) and a self-support reserve; additional guidance about imputing income to a parent, and language about how to calculate child support taking the timesharing schedule into account (such as equal timeshare, but also less than 50/50 but more than traditional every other weekend), among many others. Some provisions take effect in July, 2021, and others in 2022.

Consider speaking with a family law attorney to run the numbers and perform calculations with the new charts to determine if the changes the legislature put in place will affect your case.