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We help with child personal injury conservatorships near Lexington, Kentucky (KY), and protect funds recovered that is overseen by the court.

Child Personal Injury Conservatorships

We help children with personal injuries recover compensation for their injuries, and we also help protect the funds that they …
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Estate Planning in a COVID World Near Lexington, Kentucky (KY)

Estate Planning In A COVID World

If the COVID news has you thinking about your estate planning (or the lack thereof), you are not alone. We …
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TimeSharing during COVID-19 Near Lexington, Kentucky (KY), and Children of Court-Ordered Custody or Parenting Time Schedule

TimeSharing during COVID-19

One of the biggest challenges for families during this pandemic is how to handle timesharing. The Courts are keeping us …
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A Special COVID-19 Message from Clark Law Office Near Lexington, Kentucky (KY_, on Family Law Issues

A Special COVID-19 Message

Due to so much uncertainty with the COVID-19 virus, people with family law issues are, understandably, under a lot of …
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Coronavirus Loans for Kentucky Small Businesses to Help with Legal Advice Regarding COVID-19 Programs

Coronavirus Loans for Kentucky Small Businesses

During this period of uncertainty, many small business owners have questions regarding Covid-19 Loans for Kentucky Small Businesses. At the …
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Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month Near Lexington, Kentucky (KY), and Verbal or Physical Abuse in Relationships

Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month

Adults are not the one only people who find themselves in abusive relationships. It can happen to teens too! February …
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